The Wonders of Hemp

CBD is found in gummies, supplements, energy drinks, skin care and even pet treats.  Cannabidiol is a potent and powerful wellness compound found in the hemp plant.  To celebrate National Hemp Day, let’s look at some things you probably never knew about hemp:

*Hemp plants can actually eliminate toxins. When planted at Chernobyl, researchers found that hemp plants absorb toxic metals.  Hemp removed chemicals from the soil better than any other plant.  Hemp also has a deep root system and can grow easily in lots of different terrains and types of soil.  As a plant, it has the ability to hold the soil together and helps to strengthen its microbial content.  The stem and leaves are so packed with nutrients that after harvesting, lots of growers return the unused portion back to the soil which rejuvenates and ends up in a bigger yield next year.

*Hemp can be an answer to the problem of world hunger.  Since hemp seeds are a powerhouse of nutritional value, they can be made into oil or flour.  These seeds have vitamins, amino acids and are a protein. Hemp seeds even contain oil that is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which is also in breast milk.  Hemp seed oil has omega-3 and fatty acids, which make it a healthy form of vegetable oil.  

*Hemp is packed with magnesium.  Why is this essential?  The body can’t manufacture magnesium on its own and it is everything when it comes to sleep quality, heart health, mood, hydration and muscle recovery. 

*Hemp has been part of the fabric of life for thousands of years.  Early man took hemp fibers to construct fabric for material, including clothing.  Our founding fathers used paper made of hemp to draft early documents.  Industries like construction, textiles and shipping have come to use hemp for lots of products.  Hemp is actually used to create more than 25,000 products!

*Hempcrete is real.  Plant-powered concrete is made from hemp combined with water and limestone.  It is much lighter than standard concrete and works well to insulate as well as keep vermin away.

*Hemp seed oil is a powerful ally in skincare and haircare.  Hemp seed oil is rich and provides deep hydration, without clogging pores. There is even limited research that hemp oil may be used to boost hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Here are some CBD products that can help in your daily life:

*GoCBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil:  Created with 100% organic and highly potent CBD oil is locally sourced in the U.S., you can use it to find relief for anxiety, stress, insomnia, arthritis pain and muscle spasms.  Mad from naturally derived hemp, this broad spectrum CBD oil is free of additives, toxins and chemicals.

*Citizens Hemp Premium CBD Freeze Gel Broad Spectrum: This amazing CBD product acts quickly and lasts longer than over the counter topical or an ice pack to help with muscle aches or sore joints after an intense workout.  This gem should always be in your gym bag.

Let’s thank hemp for bringing us the incredible CBD products that have changed our lives for the better. Explore the full lines of GoCBD and Citizens Hemp and find your next favorite CBD product.