How CBD Can Help Your Dogs Dermatitis And Hot Spots

Dogs are curious explorers that come across different sensations every day.

Sadly, they also come across numerous types of bacteria. These bacteria are capable of causing infection if able to penetrate through the skin. These infections can cause dog dermatitis and hot spots. Hot spots are one of the most common skin conditions suffered by dogs, yet difficult to deal with. But what are dermatitis and hot spots? How can CBD pet treats and oils help cure your dog's dermatitis and hot spots? Read on to learn more.

What are Dog Dermatitis and Hot Spots?

Dog dermatitis is a disorder that affects the skin of dogs. It results in inflammation and itching of the skin. Dog dermatitis can impact your pet’s quality of life, ability to rest, and appetite. Your dog’s skin naturally hosts many bacteria and other microbes. When your dog’s skin is healthy, these microbes can coexist in a symbiotic association with your pet.

Naturally, the skin acts as a defensive barrier between the external environment and your pet’s body. Hence, if there’s a breach, these bacteria are free to penetrate its body and cause infections. 

For instance, excessive scratching can bring about reddened skin and soreness, which opens the body to infections. These infections can cause hot spots.

Hot spots dubbed acute moist dermatitis appear as raw, inflamed skin lesions that are painful, smelly, itchy, and discharge pus. Hot spots are typically found on the head, sides of the chest, paws, and hips.

For pet owners seeking a solution, most wonder if CBD oil for dog allergies is a viable option.

Can CBD Treat Hot Spots on Dogs?

Yes! CBD is a suitable treatment option for your dog's hot spots. CBD pet treats and pet oils have numerous health benefits for your dog. Your dog's skin contains receptors that interact with CBD, making them very effective when applied topically. CBD is used by many as one of the best natural remedies to treat their dog's skin condition due to its therapeutic properties. 


CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used on dogs to treat dermatitis. The Chicken-flavored CBD oil for dogs helps relieve skin inflammation, improves sleep patterns, and promotes healing. These CBD pet treats and pet oil deliver these benefits without potential side effects.

Pain Relief

CBD is known for its analgesic properties. Itchiness and pain associated with dermatitis and hot spots are your dog's most difficult parts of dealing with dermatitis. This itchiness and irritation cause them to often scratch inflamed areas reactivating their wounds. Luckily, the chicken-flavored CBD oil for dogs has analgesic efficacy and lowers discomfort at hot spot sites.


CBD has natural anti-microbial properties that impede the growth of bacteria and prevent further infection.

Quickens Wound Healing

Aside from being able to relieve pain, CBD can speed up the wound healing process. 

Lowers Anxiety Levels

Preventing further trauma to the affected region is one of the most challenging parts for pet parents. Your dog will do anything to scratch the area to relieve itching. The chicken-flavored CBD oil helps lower anxiety levels, calms your dog, and prevents it from licking off whatever you put on there.

How to Avoid Hot Spots on Your Dogs

As with most health conditions, prevention is often better. CBD salves provide fantastic solutions for dog dermatitis and hot spots after they have formed though you can avoid them ever becoming an issue. 

It’s better to use CBD as a proactive measure against issues like hot spots. By averting dry and itchy skin, the less likely it is for your dog to scratch excessively and cause hot spots. You can also boost your dog's immune system with oral CBD oil.

Many dog owners use CBD to protect their pet’s fur and keep their coats healthy.

CBD has an incredible way of helping dogs suffering from different types of dermatitis. It is a natural and relatively safe remedy for dermatitis and hot spots on your dog. However, give them the appropriate dosage and speak to your vet before you use CBD to treat hot spots on your dog. Be sure to buy high-quality CBD products from a reputable brand – your furry friend deserves the best.